My books to date are:

  • 20 to make Tiny Teddy bears
  • 20 to make Mug Hugs
  • 20 to make Crochet Bears
  • 20 to make Bootees
  • 20 to make Christmas Crochet
  • Christmas Knits and Crochet Hardback
  • Little Bears to Knit and Crochet Hardback
  • Love Knitting
  • Cutest Ever Baby Knits now in an updated version
  • 20 to make Granny Squares
  • Cutest ever Toddler Knits
  • Love to knit Little Rabbits
  • Cutest ever Baby Toys
  • Knit-A-Bear
  • Knitting for Winter
  • 20 to make Crochet Baby Shoes
  • One Stitch Baby Knits

New Books out 2020:

100 Crochet Stitches

Brand New 20 more Tiny
Teddies to knit all dressed up


Make Knitted Bears is available from Amazon or Search Press or you can contact me direct via my email address.

At just £4.99 it gives amazing value for money as it includes knitting patterns for 20 bears plus their outfits!

Both books above are available from me, through Amazon and from the publishers. Again they offer great value for money.

Mug Hugs has no less than 20 patterns for just £4.99 whilst Love... Knitting is a comprehensive guide to teaching yourself to knit, with step by step photographs and easy instructions to follow. It also give you 25 fabulous designs all aimed at the novice knitter, ranging from simple scarves, to a beautiful Shetland lace stole. All this priced at just £12.99.

Christmas Knit
and Crochet

Little Bears to
Knit and Crochet

Mini Christmas Crochet

Granny Squares

Cutest Ever
Baby Knits

Knitted Baby

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